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About Us

John Jae Videography doesn’t stage shots or drag your wedding party away from the open bar to stand in a field and take the same cliché shots. Our goal is to document your special day organically, to produce something that teleports you back to the moment you exchanged your vows and made your love eternal—as well as the moment your aunt had a little too much and tried to make everyone do the Thriller dance. After all, every couple is different and their wedding video should capture not just the event but also the unique personalities of all the friends and family in attendance.

If you look at our competitions portfolios you will often find many of their films contain the same music, same shots, and same editing/transitions. As an act of transparency (with your permission of course), we like to showcase every video we create on our website to show not only our growth but diversity of style. For many of our competitors the focus is often on a quick turnaround. Our final product requires more thought, vision, and technical skill than what many companies offer. For John Jae Videography it’s about providing the customer with a quality keepsake that they can enjoy for years to come.

Aside from our day-of approach, John Jae Videography places great importance on customer experience from start to finish, which is why owner, Daniel La Barbera, handles all aspects of a project from correspondence and consulting to production and editing. As a freelance videographer, Daniel saw how it was common for wedding video companies to outsource the work, ultimately producing the same cookie-cutter products. This bothered Daniel enough to start his own company, founded on basic integrity. The quality of the work and the experience throughout the process is of utmost importance to John Jae Videography, which is why we don’t take shortcuts, guaranteeing that there is value for every dollar spent on our services. 

Available by appointment only, please contact us by telephone or email. 201.338.0634 JohnJaeVideography@gmail.com